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Tales From The Chamber 4
Tales From The Chamber 4
STORY ONE: EKO TAKES OVER… Supervillain Eko intends to take over the world and it’s up to the Super Studs to stop him! The Studs gear-up and head out, but Eko quickly gets the upper hand when he knocks them both out with his mind-numbing sonic waves. The ham-fisted heroes are tied up, humiliated, sealed into steam boxes and forced to jack off for their captor’s pleasure! STORY TWO: MASTER SWOLL… Two more members of the Super Stud Team go after ultra-thug Master Swoll. A huge fist fight ensues but Master Swoll is too tough and the blundering champions are bound, taunted, and tormented, He even spits on them! To complete their total disgrace, Swoll threatens to blow them to bits unless they strip down and stroke off ‘til they cum! (They do as they’re told, but they shouldn`t really trust this vile hooligan!) STORY THREE: THE CAPTAIN… Star-spangled crimefighter The Captain is so busy searching for clues in a darkened medical lab that he doesn`t even notice the thick vapor cloud that’s creeping in at his feet. The mystery mist knocks him out cold and he awakens to find himself duct-taped to the gurney (two different ways!). Finally freed from his restraints, the patriotic superhero is so turned on that he strips off his red, white and blue uniform and rubs out a huge load! STORY FOUR: THE SILVER STATUE… Hulking superhero Silver Statue shows off his rock hard physique, then gets tied twice to an arm-spreader. The camera really loves his spandex-encased body!
Duration : 1 hours 1 minutes
08:03 AM to 09:05 AM EDT
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Category: Gay Superheroes
HardHeroes is the 24/7 channel for any fan of SuperHeroes and SuperVillains with a Sexual twist.
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