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The Hand
The Hand
All our Hard Heroes know is that an unknown energy force from an unknown origin has caused a national power blackout. Blond hot body Clint is Hard Hero Hawk. Youthful muscle hunk Derek Cruz is Hard Hero Burst. And stud boy bodybuilder Troy Michaels is Hard Hero Tron. The three Hero buddies are assigned the mission of restoring power to the country, and capturing the energy villain. Upon locating the energy drain facility and penetrating its security, Hawk, Burst, and Tron investigate separately. Then one by one, each Hero is grabbed from behind and chloroformed by a mystery hand. Could the Heroes have been captured by international energy terrorist...The Hand? The worst proves true as each unconscious Hero, still in Hero gear, is wrist shacked and ceiling hung over energy draining generators. Now Beau Bradley directs you through an intensely colored and highly stylized video montage of the three muscle Heroes struggling against their chains...first in Hero gear, then very hot very small undergear, and finally buck naked and spectacular. Sadistically, The Hand adds to their suffering by spraying their helpless writhing bodies with an acid-like strength sapper. Deranged and still hungry to inflict more humiliating punishment, The Hand chloroforms each Hero again. In another part of The Hand`s hideout....Hawk, Burst, and Tron awaken to find themselves obedience slaves to individual and painful energy Control collars. Ordered to fight and unable to refuse, the three Heroes attack and fight each other....separately, then two-on-one as the best of friends beat and brutalize each other in a blaze of colorful comic book action. Apparently bored with Hero humiliation, The Hand throttles and chokes each hero into unconsciousness for the third time. Breath control and chemical knock-out fetishists ....this video will detonate your gonads. When last we see our captured Heroes, they lay in a black place with dreading anticipation of The Hand`s next punishment scenario.
Duration : 42 minutes
08:44 AM to 09:27 AM EST
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Category: Gay Superheroes
HardHeroes is the 24/7 channel for any fan of SuperHeroes and SuperVillains with a Sexual twist.
victor (7 months, 2 weeks ago)
thuk you

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