and ask him how his heroes are going to escape from Dr Loco`s HALL OF HARD. " /> and ask him how his heroes are going to escape from Dr Loco`s HALL OF HARD. "> HardHeroes
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Hall Of Hard
Hall Of Hard
Hard Heroes` long time nemisis Roca DeLoco has escaped from Punishment Institution for the Criminally Insane. Punishment`s warden Dr Pain and local officials have asked Hard Heroes Central to recapture the dangerously deranged DeLoco. Recent hero cadet graduates Laser (Jay Moore in yellow w/read Hero suit), Blazer (Paul Lasalle in red w/yellow Hero suit), Wasp (Buck Wyld in blue w/yellow Hero suit), and Woof (Matthews in purple w/gold Hero suit) are lured to DeLoco`s secret subterranean bunker. Once inside DeLoco`s insidious entrapment, the Heroes become disoriented by gasses and become separated. Easier for DeLoco to capture and humiliate them one at a time in his vat of strength sapping paralizing quick sand. Just as planned, first captured is Laser, then Blazer, then Wasp and Woof. But what evil hell has Dr DeLoco planned for his captive Heroes. After stripping, groping, and manhandling his prisoners sloshing around in his power crippling quick sand....mad Roca planned to pedestal and mount his mud paralyzed living statues in his demented Hall of Hard. Fight as they might, Laser, Blazer, Wasp, and Woof were no match for the living statue mud. Giddy with his four Hero capture coup, the thoroughly twisted DeLoco performs the final and ultimate humiliation to his four living Hero statues.....he manhandles and unmasks each of them in maniacle triumph. The End? Well, this is where director Beau Bradley ends this super sexy super hero adventure....begging for a sequel. For you perverts into liquid mud muscle mayhem....watching Dr DeLoco have his unbridled way sexually manhandling his mud paralyzed prisoners is very hot. And all four endure the same torment making sure your favorite Hero suffers as much as another. HALL OF HARD is sexy jack-off comic book style Hard Hero adventure action. E-mail and ask him how his heroes are going to escape from Dr Loco`s HALL OF HARD.
Duration : 53 minutes
03:07 AM to 04:01 AM EDT
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HardHeroes is the 24/7 channel for any fan of SuperHeroes and SuperVillains with a Sexual twist.
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thuk you

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