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HardHeroes Pro Wrestling 3
HardHeroes Pro Wrestling 3
Mysterio is back! And still masked! Hard Heroes Pro Wrestling 3 continues the mystery of who our masked wrestling fiend really is - but this time, those taut spandex covered muscles are being liberated! Andy Flyer is the latest challenger to the lord of the ring, Thriambos. And Thriambos is on the hunt. But is the hunter the hunted? Mysterio secretly eyes on his prey, and decides Thriambos is not yet worthy of a match. Raising his cape, he transforms into a silver outfitted version of himself. But Thriambos will not know this. Thriambos demands to know where Mysterio is, but is told simply that, "you aren`t ready to fight Mysterio," and then is slapped in the face! Challenged, Thriambos decides that if he must dispatch with this silver wretch to get his prize, then so be it. Both display awesome wrestling powers in the ring, and Mysterio gets more than he bargained for: he is rip stripped down to his speedo! Then Thriambos knocks him out cold. Thriambos tries to remove the silver mask but it is too tight. Leaving the ring to find a knife, he comes back to find an empty ring and a cloud of mist. Silver Mysterio has disappeared. His continuing search for Mysterio brings him back to the now darkened ring, but this time he is caught in a net. The lights come up with Mysterio on the top rope ready to pounce on the floundering superhero. Another round of wrestling ensues and once again, Mysterio is rip-stripped down to a speedo. Will Thriambos finally be the one to dethrone the great Mysterio? Will he ever know he`s been duped? Tune in and find out! Both stars are amazing wrestlers, making these matches a joy to watch - with or without tight spandex. But looking at Mysterio`s hot, tight body makes it hard to choose!
Duration : 54 minutes
03:15 AM to 04:10 AM EDT
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Category: Gay Superheroes
HardHeroes is the 24/7 channel for any fan of SuperHeroes and SuperVillains with a Sexual twist.
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